A venue for arts and culture in Kent

Schedule a classical or sacred performance event in the new Chancel Arts™ venue at Kent Lutheran on a fee basis for recitals and performances such as dance, improv, instrumental piano or organ, bluegrass, and others.

The venue includes use of an historic pipe organ, two grand pianos and a harpsichord with stage seating for up to 100 and audience seating of 250 in an accessible space with excellent acoustical resonance. The building also features a kitchen, a versatile multipurpose room that can provide seating for receptions and conferences, and breakout rooms.

Spaces are being filled for a future performance series now with negotiated remuneration. Participation in a Chancel Arts Series includes basic furnishings (chairs, music stands, microphones, lighting), publicity and ticket sales under the direction of the venue committee.

Contact us at Music@kentlutheran.org for more information about renting space, participating in a future performance series, or scheduling a tour.