Technical specifications

Architecture drawing

Organ Stop List Technical specifications


Seating for 200 patrons
Wheelchair accessible
Hearing assist devices available
No loading dock
Piano 5’8” Kohler & Campbell (by Samick 1992) is kept in very good tune and regulation
2 Manual & Pedal 10 rank Pipe Organ (1878 Hutchings/2011 Marceau)


No wings
No orchestra Pit
Stage floor is textured cement
No fly system/rigging
No draperies


1960 Baldwin F 7′ Semi Concert grand (available Winter 2013/14)
2 Manual & Pedal 10 rank Pipe Organ (1878 Hutchings/2011 Marceau)


Space is available for dressing and restrooms
No lighted mirrors in dressing rooms
Green room with tables/chairs
Piano for rehearsal/warm-up


4 Channel Dimmable General lighting in performance area (Fall 2013)
5 Channel Dimmable General Sanctuary lighting (Fall 2013

Performance Lighting:

4 pipes,
4 Dimming Channels each
(2) Source Four Jr. 26 deg
[4 Source Four Jr. 26 deg (Fall 2013)] (2) Source Four Jr. 36 deg
(4) Par 64 (NFL-500W)
(1) Source Four 10 deg
(1) Source Four 19 deg


(4) Source Four Par EA (lenses for WFL,MFL, NSP, VNSP; 2 Barn doors)
(2) Source Four Jr. zoom
(4) PAR 38 (120W NFL)


4 Chauvet LED ColorStrip, back wall wash
[4 Chauvet LEDPar 64-36VW (Fall 2013)] [4 Chauvet LEDPar 64 Tri (Fall 2013)
2 Portable light trees with individual dimmer packs (4 channel) for front of stage left and right (used for fill, color, and close specials).

Lighting Control (FOH Balcony Booth)

Elation Scene Setter 24
Enttec DMXis (Fall 2013, replacing Elation board)

Lighting Network

DMX located on balcony pipes, sanctuary north wall, electrical room.

Expendables (Gels, Gobos, Gaff & Spike tape) are the responsibility of the using group and only to be used by permission of the technical representative. Basic warm and cool Rosco gels and breakup patters available in limited quantity. Contact for special requests.

Staging and Special Effects